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BuildBuddy will soon be expanding our services further with a dedicated section to residential land . In this section you will be able to list and search for blocks of land for sale that are suitable for home building. Real Estate Agents please subscribe to our newsletter to be eligible to upload your land listings for free. 
Calling all Builders...
If you are a builder, designer, conveyancer, real estate agent or mortgage broker we are interested in hearing from you. We are looking to expand our database of quality professionals to refer our community of home builders to. If you are interested in working with our clients and you are currently not on our database, please fill in you details under the "Contact Us" page and we will be in contact with you shortly.
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Free Service


Free service to help you find the right builder


Anything to do with building, designing or buying land... think of us as your BuildBuddy!


BuildBuddy offers a personal face to face service, not a quote over the internet, to help you find the right people to make your dream home a reality. We help find builders, designers, compare quotes, friendly advice and even assist you in finding the right land to build on. We can also help you find construction finance, real estate agents and conveyancers.


Our service is free of charge, although a $500 (including gst) deposit is required to secure our services after the initial no obligation meeting. The deposit is credited to your builder of choice when your proceed, making our service free of charge. If you choose not to proceed with any of the recommended builders, we keep the deposit as it covers the cost of our time. Regardless of which builder you choose that we recommend, we get paid the same... we are independent so we work for you not the builder.


Currently we specialise in providing advice in building custom / designer homes, not project homes. This means our service is best suited to people who already have plans or are looking to have plans drawn up by a designer or architect and find a suitable builder to make the home a reality. This means if you are looking to buy a kit home or plan "off the shelf" with little changes our service does not work as effectively. Why is this? Simply because you can only buy the chosen design from one particular builder and we can not compare quotes due to copyright issues. Hence if you desire a custom home (designed to your needs and budget) then we can help as you should own the copyright of the plans.


9 easy steps of how our service for finding a builder works:


Step 1: You contact our team by phone or email under the "Contact Us" section.


Step 2: We will have an initial discussion on the phone to arrange an appointment and answer any queries.


Step 3: We will offer a free one hour face to face meeting, preferably on your chosen block of land, to explain our service and offer any preliminary advice.


Step 4: If you wish to proceed, $500 (inc. gst) is deposited to us by direct transfer, cheque or cash.


Step 5: We will find builders that are approved by BuildBuddy and arrange 3 quotes.


Step 6: We will help explain the quotes, negotiate and help you select the builder that is best for you.


Step 7: You meet the builders and pick the one you are happy with, and sign a building contract with our guidance.


Step 8: Your $500 (inc. gst) deposit is including as part of your deposit on the building contract.


Step 9: We will offer you up to 5 hours of our time to help you with any additional advice you may require prior to signing the building contract or during the construction of your home.


We currently service the Illawarra, South Coast and South Sydney regions...